Great Showing at PAX!


We had a great two days at PAX East this year! Saturday in particular was very busy; we had more than one occasion where we were running two demos to two people each.

People were pretty enthusiastic! The biggest concern people shared with us was that the resource symbols on Challenge cards are too small to see clearly at any distance. We’ll be looking for ways to increase these without reducing what we can put on the cards in terms of content. The biggest thing that got people excited was the ability to customize the details of role-play stories or generate them randomly.

Several people asked if we were running a Kickstarter; not yet, but as we get the game closer to a generally playable state, we’ll be taking a closer look at our final funding needs.



A set of cards are spread out across a tabletop. In the background, a young man is gesturing to some of the cards and looking at an older man who has a similar set of cards in front of him. Both are wearing masks and are of pale European complexion. A large crowd are visible in the background.

We got to demo to several people were were very excited and interested in the game play.

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